Hi! I’m Renee Hyde, and I’ve been a traveling freelance writer for 7 years. I started this site to help other talented, motivated people build meaningful lives full of travel.

I’ve been location independent since I graduated college in 2012, when I went abroad to teach English and then started up a bunch of side hustles to keep my travels going. I eventually stumbled onto freelance writing, which I’ve been doing full-time for a number of years.

Why I Started This Blog

Because I believe location independence is freedom. I think everyone should have the ability to decide how and where they spend their limited time on Earth.

I believe the ability to travel makes us happier, more relaxed, more well-adjusted, more compassionate, and more generous.

I believe that when people are given the opportunity to work for themselves, they get more creative. They become more productive. And they are more satisfied with the work they do.

But why aren’t more people location independent?

Simply put, although more people are doing it, it’s still not the norm of our society. It’s human nature to want to follow in the footsteps of other people who have done something before us. You want to see that it can be done, that it should be done.

That’s why I’m creating this resource: to help show that it definitely can be done and it’s sooooo worth it!

The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more and more accessible all the time, with many more remote income sources popping up every day. The supportive community of digital nomads is getting bigger. There are more destinations you can work from.

On this site, my aim is to provide you with resources to start being a digital nomad and make the lifestyle easier. There are many unexpected challenges to contend with when you don’t have a home base, and this blog will help solve those problems.

On this blog, you’ll find information about:

Location Independence: Ideas for improving all aspects of your location independent life, including location reports, travel hacks, productivity hacks, and tips on solving the logistics of long-term travel.

Money: Side hustles and income ideas, budgeting, money management, and other tips to help you maximize your location independent income.

Travel: I share some of my most memorable experiences living and working around the world.

I also have a separate Freelance Writing Training section.

This has been my bread and butter, enabling me to live on 5 continents and work from 50+ countries, and make a full-time income on a very part-time schedule. I believe freelance writing is a great income option because it’s a highly-paid, flexible career you can do from anywhere. If you want to learn how to make a living writing, check out this section.

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