55 Industries Where You Can Get Paid to Write


One of the funnest parts of choosing a freelance writing niche is picking the industry you want to write for! There is a lot of different work available for freelance writers, in almost any industry you can think of.

Many people choose one (or a cluster of related) industries to focus on as part of their niche. Some industries are home runs, meaning they have a high potential for being well-paid and having lots of available work.

But, if you have passion and expertise in some specific area, you can be paid well and build a career in any topic you choose. The thing to do is to commit to learning everything you can in your industry, so that you truly “get” that industry and become a go-to person for well-written content in your topic area.

So, what are some examples of industries where freelance writers are in demand? I’ve created this list of 55 industries where you can get paid to write.

  1. Real estate

  2. E-commerce and consumer products

  3. Personal Finance

  4. Technology

  5. Marketing

  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. B2B services

  8. Healthcare

  9. Construction

  10. Home Improvement & Contractors

  11. Interior Design & Architecture

  12. Health and Wellness

  13. Beauty

  14. Fitness

  15. Lifestyle

  16. Alternative Medicine

  17. Fashion and Shopping

  18. Travel

  19. Luxury Travel

  20. Family / Parenting

  21. Relationships

  22. Weddings

  23. Psychology

  24. Mental Health

  25. Pet Care

  26. Accounting / Business Finance

  27. Science & Research

  28. Engineering

  29. Education

  30. E-Learning

  31. Automotive

  32. Law

  33. Insurance

  34. Business & Career

  35. Entrepreneurship

  36. Leadership

  37. Politics

  38. Spirituality

  39. Landscape & Gardening

  40. Sustainability

  41. Cooking

  42. Alternative Diet

  43. Adult Beverage

  44. Arts, Crafts, DIY

  45. Visual Arts

  46. Literature

  47. Music

  48. Film

  49. Gaming

  50. Entertainment (TV & Media)

  51. Celebrities

  52. Food/Dining

  53. Entertainment (Local Events, Activities, Places)

  54. Outdoor Living

  55. Sports

…And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

In freelance writing, there’s something for everyone. There are writing jobs available in all of these industries and more. All you have to do to get started is pick your niche, get your application together, and apply… and then start building your expertise in the topic you choose! That’s all you need to get paid to write.

What Industries Sound Good to You?

Are there any on the list that speak to you? Tell me in the comments!

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