Creating a Niche By Content Type: When Should You Do It?


Choosing a Freelance Writing Niche: Your Three Options

You may know by now that choosing a freelance writing niche is important for branding yourself and focusing your job search. When you’re deciding how to “niche” yourself as a writer, you have three main options:

  • Taking on a writing role (blogger, copywriter, etc.)

  • Focusing on one industry

  • Focusing on one content type

While it’s more common for new writers to pick a niche by choosing a writing role and/or an industry, some writers choose to specialize in one content type only. A niche by content type makes sense for writers who already have experience writing one specific kind of content, or for people who have a lot of exposure to one content type from a past work experience.

When Should You Niche By Content Type?

Freelance writers generally write a variety of content types.

But, niching down to one content type is practical if you are drawn to creating content that is really specific and requires a lot of insider knowledge. For example:

  • Resume writer

  • Grant writer

  • Scriptwriter (for radio, TV, podcasts, film)

  • Press release writer

  • Crowdfunding campaign writer

  • White paper writer (sometimes, although copywriters and B2B writers also do these)

In the examples above, the content has such specific style, structure, language, etc. that a client would likely want to hire a specialist in that content type. In this case, niching by content type is a great strategy!

And sometimes, these content types can dovetail with your past experience. Examples: you used to do fundraising and want to be a grant writer; you have written or directed films/plays/etc and want to be a scriptwriter; you were a career coach and want to become a resume writer.

You would come in with a lot of knowledge most other freelance writers don’t have. I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable writing a grant or a commercial script, but you might, because you’ve already been exposed to those industries, and you have a leg up on learning how to write them.

I'll say it again: most new writers create a niche by industry or writing role. I’ve created some posts to help you explore those other options too:

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But, if you have unique experience that would allow you to choose a single content type to focus on, that gives you a third option for finding your niche. And, you’re likely to find less competition in these really specific, content-type niches. When you can do something others can’t, that’s when you start to find the highest quality work. Win for you!

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