10 Best Holiday Gifts for Writers


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It’s almost Black Friday, which means it’s time to start thinking about the gifts you want to give to your loved ones and, let’s be honest, yourself. I personally enjoy the bustling, festive atmosphere of the mall on America’s busiest shopping day, but if you’re not into all of that, there are plenty of gifts you can buy from home.

Do you have a writer in your family? They will love one of these 10 thoughtful gifts for writers:

  1. Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Set

Umm… YES.

These inspiring cocktail recipe books include a few things we writers love: literature, puns, and stiff cocktails.

Tequila Mockingbird includes 65 drink recipes, along with literary commentary and plenty of puns. Prepare an exciting new cocktail while revisiting some of your favorite literary classics.

They’ve got a few other pun-derful cocktail books too, including Gone with the Gin and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita.

2. Novel Teas

Because most great writers are also great readers, my second idea on gifts for writers also picks up on the idea of literary-themed snacks.

Novel Teas includes 25 tea bags with different literary quotes on the tags. It’s always a delight to sip on a cup of tea while reading a good book, and these fancy tea bags will make that even more of a treat.

3. Snatch-It Word Game

Snatch-it is like a more aggressive version of Banagrams. Everyone plays from the same pool of tiles and you’re trying to be the first one to make a word so that you can keep the tiles. You can also steal words from other players by making their words longer using the available tiles.

I personally love all board games, but ones that I have an advantage at for being a wordsmith… now that’s a great gift.

4. Codenames Game

Hmm… how would I describe Codenames? It’s a team game, and you have a bunch of words in front of you along with a partner. You have to give your partner clever, one-word clues that help them guess certain words on the board without guessing the wrong words, which gives your opponents points. It’s another game that’s great fun for those who love words.

5. Mechanical Keyboard

Want to help your favorite writer up their typing game? The keyboards on many laptops are not ideal for writers who are typing all day long. Mechanical keyboards offer more bounce that helps you type faster and also reduces wear and tear on your finger joints.

6. Luxury Pens

Computers are great for many reasons, but there’s still nothing like brainstorming your best ideas using a nice, flowing pen.

This pen has a nice calligraphy tip that I like, but there are also nice ballpoint pens as well.

7. Writer Emergency Pack

The Writer Emergency Kit is a handy and fun pack of cards that give writers prompts and quick exercises to help them out when they’re stuck with writer’s block. It includes 26 emergency cards that a writer can pull out to get a fresh perspective on the story they’re currently writing.

Feeling like you’ve reached a dead-end with a story is a killer for productivity and inspiration, but these little cards can help bail you out in those situations.

8. Magnetic Poetry Kit

Get a little does of creativity every time you walk past the fridge with this Magnetic Poetry Kit, which includes 300 word magnets you can rearrange to create your own refrigerator poetry.

I have one of these myself and it’s good fun for everyone. I find that guests also love to play around with the words on the fridge, so you may walk into the kitchen one day and be surprised to find that some “guest authors” have decided to contribute to your poetry wall too.

9. Glass Coffee Mug

Elixir Glassware

Many writers, including myself, are fueled on coffee. This morning ritual can become an automatic part of the day, but it doesn’t have to be. Give someone (or yourself) this beautiful glass coffee mug to add a bit more beauty and reflection to that morning cup of coffee. Wouldn’t it be great for the first cup of coffee of the day to feel like a treat again?

10. A Professional Service

The last gift idea on this list of gifts for writers: a professional service. It’s many writers’ dream to succeed at making a living for their writing, so how about buying them a professional service to make that dream more possible? Business cards, a writing course, a subscription to LinkedIn Premium, or a subscription to build a personal website are all things that could help a writer go further with their career. This gift is the most practical on the list, but it is perhaps the most important.

So, have any of these ideas helped you figure out what to get your person for the holidays? Do you have some more ideas for great gifts for writers? Comment it below!

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