Why Become a Freelance Writer?


Writing careers come with a fantastic lifestyle and lots of perks. It can be helpful to know what benefits lie ahead when you’re going through all of the work of setting up your portfolio and trying to find your first clients. For me, these have been the best rewards for being a freelance writer:

Work Abroad

As of 2018, I’ve been able to visit 50-60 countries all while freelance writing. Writing is a very mobile career because you often don’t need an internet connection (or at least not a strong one) to do your work. You can find workspaces abroad just about anywhere. And you can learn to work on the plane. Seriously, long plane rides have gone from being a drag to being time to sit down and be amazingly productive.

Work from a Different Place Every Day

I love that I can work from a different coffee shop or library every day of the week. As someone who’s very visual, the change in scenery does something to inspire me. I would find it difficult to be at the same office desk every day, and I don’t think anyone should have to spend most of their waking hours sitting at the same little desk every day when there’s a whole world out there.

Set Your Schedule

This may be the thing people envy most when I tell them I’m a freelance writer. I set my own hours, which means I can start and stop whenever I want to, I can take off a day if I feel like I’m not going to be very productive, and I can go run errands or schedule appointments in the middle of the day without having to ask for permission from a boss.  

Work When You’re Most Productive

I’ve found there are times of day (like 1-3 pm) where I’m never very productive. My mind just wanders and I’m itching to get up and walk around. I’ve stopped wasting those 2 hours trying to be productive every day. Instead, I get up, go for a walk, run errands, or do something else to shake things up. I’m often way more productive between 5-8 pm, so I sometimes come home and work during those hours. Because I control my schedule, I’m able to structure my life in the most efficient and meaningful way possible.

Great for Introverts

Writing careers are great for introverts. When I worked in an office, I always felt a little uneasy being forced into a continuous social interaction for 8 hours or more per day. Now, I can choose whether I’d like to be social or not. For times when I feel like being by myself, I can work from home. If I want some company, I have other freelance friends who like to gather at a coffee shop and work together.


You Get to Run a Business

For the right person, being in business for yourself is fun. All freelance writers are essentially business owners who must market themselves to find clients, figure out how to offer the best service, and find ways to grow their business. For me personally, these elements are thrilling.

It’s a Balance of Creativity and Critical Thinking

Writing careers can be fun because there are both practical and aesthetic challenges. You want to meet business goals, but you also want to make your writing beautiful. It’s a good blend of creative and critical thinking.

Work on Many Different Projects

With writing careers, you get a little bit of everything. You can be working for a design agency and a software firm at the same time, seeing how they operate on the inside. You grow a little every time you take on a new project.

Make More Money

As a freelance writer, I make between 2-6x what I made on an hourly basis when I was employed as a full-time copywriter. Of course, some of that comes from more years of experience, but a lot of it comes from freelance writers being able to set higher rates than employees if they’re good at what they do.

Full-Time Income Working Part Time

The fact that freelance writers can make a lot of money for their time means you have a choice: work full-time and have an exceptional salary, or work part-time and make a comfortable salary. Recently, I’ve chosen to free up my time and do paid work for significantly fewer hours per week, leaving me time to travel frequently, work on creative projects, and have more headspace and free time to be present for my friends and family.

Time for Passion Projects

If you choose a part-time schedule, you can funnel your extra energy into many other things that excite you. For me, I’ve been able to write 3 singer/songwriter albums, explore new topics/skills and create on a daily basis, and take up many other passions that I never had the time or energy for when I was an employee working full-time.

You Learn Your Own Strength and Value

I won’t lie: becoming a full-time freelance writer can be challenging. You have to think of yourself in a whole new way and learn to toot your own horn when necessary to get clients or raise your rates. You have to learn many skills (marketing, accounting, admin, business development) you may not have any experience with. You have to learn to ride out the storms of volatile income to find stability. You learn the value of what you can do and what you can overcome. This is a definite confidence booster.

Of course, it’s not an overnight process to get here. It took me many years of hard work to fully reap these benefits. But the best way to get to your cushy, part-time, traveling freelance writing gig is to start working on it today!

What Do You Love About Freelance Writing?

What is your favorite part of your writing career? If you’re just getting started, what draws you to writing? Let’s discuss it below!

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