3 Ways to Use Your Network to Find Freelance Writing Gigs


If you’ve spent any time looking for freelance writing jobs, you probably already know this: There is an overwhelming number of places you could potentially search for freelance writing gigs, and not all of them will have a great return for your time. How can you use your time wisely and not end up sending your resume out with no response?

Well, one thing that can lead to some great connections and opportunities is using your personal network to look for work.

This about this. You’ve already built connections with friends, family, and past colleagues. Some of them may know of writing opportunities in their networks. So even if they aren’t hiring someone directly, they may have heard of a job you would be perfect for.

  1. Let Everybody Know You’re Looking for Work

You never know what can come of letting your friends and family know you’re trying to get some freelance writing clients. These are the people who care about you most, so they would be eager to make an introduction for you if they can. They may know of someone who could use a writer or even have some writing work you could do for them personally.

How to Do It: You could get in the habit of mentioning that you are now a freelance writer whenever there is an opportunity in conversation. You could put your new title in your email signature. You could even reach out directly to contacts you think might have work for you.

Why Choose This Method:  If you can get a recommendation to a client from someone who knows you, you’ll have a shot at better clients right off the bat. After all, hiring managers are just people, too, and they are more likely to look at an application if they get a recommendation from someone they trust.  

2. Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

LinkedIn has its own job posting service with many freelance writing positions. You can snoop around in your networds to see if anyone you know works for a company that hires freelance writers. If you have a premium account, you can also find relevant hiring managers at companies that interest you and send them direct messages. This is an especially good option if you can find hiring managers that are already connected to you on LinkedIn (even if it’s a 2nd or 3rd degree connection).

You can also use LinkedIn to grow your network and find writing opportunities that way. There are writing and marketing-related groups to participate in, plus the opportunity to write and post your own articles relating to your niche. You can potentially catch a recruiter or hiring manager’s eye that way, too.

Why Choose This Method: Time you spend developing professional connections on LinkedIn can come back and help you later in your freelance writing career, even if it doesn’t immediately get you a client. You never know what opportunities will come up with the people you connect with on LinkedIn.

3. Try Facebook Groups for Freelancers

There are plenty of Facebook groups for online entrepreneurs and freelancers of all kinds. You might find freelance writing gigs in these groups if someone knows of an opportunity that’s not in their area of expertise (such as a graphic designer posting a writing gig) or if it’s a job they’re not personally able to take on at the time.

Why Choose This Method: Facebook groups can be a place to connect with other writers at the same stage as you, and you might find a job here.

Looking for work within your personal and business networks is a good place to start, because you already have worked hard to develop these connections. You might be surprised to find that someone you would never have thought of asking has a connection or opportunity that could help you get your first freelance writing gigs.

Have You Ever Found Work Through Your Network?

Have these ideas worked for you? I’d love to hear about your success using these methods!

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