Freelance Writing Jumpstart

Find your first writing clients in the next 6 weeks!

In this course, I teach you everything you need to know to land your first writing clients and start building your business.

Presale Bonus: I’m offering a FREE personalized pitch review if you enroll in the course by Jan 2. I’ll give you detailed feedback on your portfolio, cover letter, and resume to show you how to get the best response from clients.

Week 1: Find Your Focus

We’ll learn about freelance writing and unpack your personal goals, experiences, and interests to help you find the right focus. You'll get access to niche reports, job availability and salary statistics, and worksheets to help you find the perfect writing niche.

Week 2: Build Your Portfolio

I'll teach you how to write a great portfolio by figuring out who your ideal clients are and speaking directly to them through your writing samples. You'll also get examples and instructions on how to present your writing samples as a PDF, portfolio site, or personal website.

Week 3: Market Your Value

You'll learn the psychology of why clients hire writers and use it to create an attention-getting statement of your services. You'll learn how to present your value to clients. We’ll also tackle an updated resume and LinkedIn profile this week.

Week 4: Find Work and Pitch With Confidence

I teach you my pitching process, which revolves around creating empathy and personal connection with clients from the very first email. You'll learn how to send high quality, thoughtful pitches that clients find it hard to ignore. This pitching method has been the backbone of my business' success-- and I'm sharing an easy-to-customize template with you in this course. I'll also show you several dozen places to look for clients.

Week 5: Ace Your First Job

This week is your job skills crash course. You'll learn how to be a freelance writer, including how to create a professional writing and editing process, how to format and present your work, how to communicate with clients, how to juggle multiple clients, and more.

Week 6: Run Your Business

In the final week, you'll get lots of tips and resources for managing your new business. You'll learn how to set project expectations, set your writing rates, manage your time and money, and keep those clients coming. You'll also receive a contract template, invoice template, and profit-tracking spreadsheet.