Freelance Writing Pitch Review


Freelance Writing Pitch Review


I’ll review your freelance writing pitch and help you improve it in order to attract more clients.

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Getting the hang of pitching is one of the hardest parts of being a freelance writer. You send out countless pitches to clients and never hear back. You try a variety of different things in your cover letters, hoping you’ll find something that works, but you’re still not getting the responses you want. How are you supposed to know what to change if you’re not getting any feedback or response from clients?

I’ll Review Your Pitch And Tell You What to Change

In 7 years of freelance writing, I’ve sent out hundreds (maybe thousands?) of pitches. At this point, I know what works and what doesn’t. I can quickly spot problems with your pitch and help you make it more effective.

In your pitch review, I’ll give you personalized feedback on:

  • The email you’re sending to clients

  • Your resume

  • Your portfolio

Here’s how it works:

  • You pick a client you want to pitch. You send me the pitch you plan to send them.

  • I review your pitch and send you feedback. I’ll evaluate:

    • How you can grab more attention with your pitch

    • Whether you’re coming across as a professional or a new writer

    • How you can create a stronger call to action for clients to hire you

    • How you can improve your resume to highlight your writing experience

    • How you can improve your portfolio to attract the right kind of clients

    • Any other mistakes you’ve made with your email, resume, or portfolio

  • You make the changes and then start sending out better pitches and landing more clients.

Finding and Pitching Clients Is Time Consuming… Give Yourself the Best Chance You Can at Getting the Job!

Finding great clients to connect with is time-consuming. You don’t want to blow these opportunites by making the same mistakes with your pitches over and over again. The information I give you in this pitch review will save you time going forward and give you a better chance at landing excellent writing gigs.